Bruce Hathaway - Metal Sculptor

Artist's Statement and Background

Artist's Statement

In general I would characterize my work as being organic and minimalistic.

Meditation on the curved line and expressing motion in a static sculpture constitute the major themes of my work. The potential of the single line or the undulating mixture of multiple curves to express emotions and relate to the natural world seems limitless.

I strive to create art that reflects and amplifies the natural world. Much of humanity attempts to reshape the natural world into understandable and controllable forms. So angles and squares supplant the undulating curves of the organic world. We are defiant against the natural order of this place in which we find ourselves and that defiance is our epitaph.

My work is intuitive and springs from a churning inside of me and from my observation of the natural world ~ a world that humans seem hell bent on subduing, an ultimate impossibility as the tides and rivers and twisted tree branches within each individual have an immutable claim on us.


While I have been influenced by the streamlined and simple flowing forms of Art Deco, it is Art Nouveau which is most closely aligned with my own sensitivities.

In the process of distilling down the intricate organic designs of Art Nouveau to their simplified essence, I strive to make sculptures that remain recognizable while leaving enough vagueness of expression for observers to make their own interpretation and emotional investment.

The Futurist painters, with their ability to convey a sense of movement in static figures is a very significant inspiration.

Other influences include the simple elegance of Brancusi's "Bird In Space", the poetic gestures of Ferdinand Preiss's and the whole school of 1920's and 30's statuette sculptors. Certainly related are the photographs of dancers Isadora and Anna Duncan (among many others) by Arnold Genthe .

Much of the inspiration for my sculptures comes from observations of the natural world, humans, and their interaction with each other.


Growing up in Lindsey, Ohio, Bruce received his B.A. from Bowling Green State University in 1967. In his early artistic life, he worked with soldered steel and plaster on steel mesh frames. For some years, he put sculpture aside to find expression with the photographic medium. His photography has been exhibited in Connecticut, New York City and, extensively in Vermont. He has received two KINSA awards and a number of gallery exhibition awards.

His return to sculpture was prompted by a need to give expression to spatial vision and to realize abstracted and expressionistic compositions.
He has been involved with the metal crafts for over forty five years during which time he has honed his metal working skills.

Bruce lives in northern Vermont where he creates sculptures in his hilltop studio.
His works may be found in galleries, public spaces, and sculpture parks in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Ohio and Michigan.

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