Details of Spherical Sculptures by Bruce Hathaway

Title: "Lightning and Acorns"
Material: Mild Steel
Dimensions: 35" High X 20" Diameter Sphere
Signed and Dated: Behind one of the upper leaves
Completed: August, 2004
Notes: Supported by a root-like base and cradled in the pruned braches of a tree, a sphere comprised of leaves, lightning bolts, a butterfly, acorn and various symbols swirls endlessly. Entwined with these objects, a male and female pursue one another. Forever in a quest to reach the other, forever being sought by the other, they follow the dictates of their destiny amid the leaves that represent both the fruitfulness of life and the inevitability of death.

Title: "Cosmic Dance"
Material: Powder coated Mild Steel
Dimensions: 19" High X 16" Diameter
Signed and Dated: On base, raised welding
Completed: December 2001
Status: SOLD
Notes: In the "dance", humans are integrated with, and are in fact, just another part of the whole. Here we are compatible with all physical realities of the universe. Heads with flowing hair are comets with flaming tails. Stars with their apparent points are the head and the limbs of the human form. These are analogies of spiritual realities. Three hands holding the sphere symbolize that this is human interpretation / understanding of existence being raised for our consideration.

Title: "Finding"
Material: Powder Coated Mild Steel
Dimensions: 20" High X 17" Diameter
Signed and Dated: On Base
Completed: July, 2001
Notes: Representing the adage, 'You find what you seek', some figures reach out and connect with others, some reach out to find nothing, some hold their hands at their sides with no move to engage. The sphere is supported by a life sized hand which offers it for our consideration.

Title: "A World of Keys"
Material: Powder coated Mild Steel
Dimensions: Overall: 11 1/2"
Sphere: 8 1/2" High X 7 1/2" Diameter
Base: 3" High X 6" Diameter
Signed and Dated: Bottom of Wood Base
Completed: October 2001
Notes: The Sphere is comprised of various household and automotive keys which due to differences in material, were brazed together. The entire construction was then powder coated to give the impression of rust. Everyone has boxes of keys, of which they are unsure of what they lock and unlock. Once so critical to open a door or start a vehicle to move us around, now they are useless clutter that one cannot discard.
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