Details of Trees in Metal by Bruce Hathaway

Title: "Hanging On"
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 5 High X 6 Wide On A X 2 Diameter Base
Signed and Dated: Initial Under Base
Completed: 1991
Notes: This work was formed by welding one drop at a time. The resulting sculpture is comprised of hundreds of individual fusions.

Title: "Gumdrop Tree"
Material: 3/16" Stainless Steel Rods on White Marble Base
Dimensions: 28" High x 10" Wide
Signed and Dated: Initial On Stainless Plate/ Signed and Dated Under Plate
Completed: March, 2012

Title: "The Perfection Within"
Material: Stainless Steel and Oxidized Mild Steel
Dimensions: 45" High x 27" Across Branches x 9 1/2"Diameter Sphere. 11" Diameter Base
Signed and Dated: Under Root (Base)
Completed: October, 2005
Notes: There is perfection within all that is imperfect. Within a tangle of branches, a sphere comprised of crescent moons provides balance to an unruly profusion of limbs. As our lives unfold in unexpected, sometimes flawed ways, within us resides the perfection of our ideal self. The tree-like branches of this work are supported by three slender rods.

Title: "Tree of Balance"
Material: Stainless Steel On White Marble
Dimensions: 25 1/2" High X 15 1/2" Across Branches
Base: 12" Wide X 4 " High X 5" Deep
Signed and Dated: Base of Tree
Completed: January, 2017
Notes: The stainless steel trunk and branches hold three disks in balance. The geometric form, while integrated into the tangle of limbs, at times floats separately. The theme of the tree is carried into the white marble base where the impression of roots has been carved.

Title: "Three Arts"
Material: Stainless Steel & Oxidized Steel
Dimensions: 11" Diameter Base x 36" High x 23" Across Branches.
Signed and Dated: On inside of base ring
Completed: May, 2004
Notes: The circular base symbolizes a space and atmosphere where art can be created. From this base springs three tree-like forms representing painting, writing and sculpture. Intermixed and "flying" about these disciplines are the practitioners of the mediums. As one art form influences others, setting one "tree" in motion transfers energy to the others and they all vibrate in turn. The "branches" may be struck with a wooden dowel to produce a variety of tones.

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