Details of Waves and Figures in Metal by Bruce Hathaway

Title: "Three Sisters Rising from the Sea, One is with Child. Her head is a Comet"
Material: Oxidized Steel
Dimensions: 23" Long X 10" High
Signed and Dated: Near bottom behind sculpture
Completed: January, 2001
Status: SOLD
Notes: The complete title of this sculpture is " Three Sisters Rising from the Sea, One is with Child, Her Head is a Comet". The first theme of this work is the concept of life rising from a commonality (a universal sea) from which we never become disconnected. The second and dominant theme is the collaborative experience (in the spiritual sense) of bringing forth a child. Here, "sisters" refers to the society of women who dance in a celebration of the pregnant female. The mother's focus is turned inward upon her experience as her head radiates with the brilliance of a comet.

The work has been designed to hang on a wall or be free standing. The naturally oxidized surface has been coated with a mixture of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. If the sculpture is kept outside, it should be re-coated every couple of years.

Title: "Spirits on the Waves"
Material: Oxidized Steel
Dimensions: 23" Long X 10 3/4" High
Signed and Dated: Behind figure
Completed: February 2002.
Status: SOLD
Notes: Three spirits are carried along with the currents of existence as they journey through their life experience. Light and whimsical, the lyrical figures are a straight forward expression of celebration and happiness. This work can stand alone or be hung on a wall.

Title: "Spirited Journey"
Material: Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions: 24" Long X 11 1/2" High
Completed: April 2002
Status: SOLD
Notes: The three sinuous forms represent various aspects of one entity. As they glide across the water, the forward figure points the direction, while the second and third celebrate the journey. This work was designed to stand alone or be hung on a wall

Title: "Three Sisters"
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 20" Long X 10" High X 4" Deep
Signed and Dated: Near bottom behind third tier
Completed: May 2001
Status: SOLD
Notes: Each figure rises from her own strand of waves.

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